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Subject: IRONMAN4X4FAB.COM Shipping Fee Alert
Date: December 30th 2012


Dear Friends of IRONMAN4X4FAB,

Our Christmas-Season Free-Shipping offer is about to expire when the ball drops.  Beginning on January 1, it will be necessary for us to start charging a minimal amount for shipping costs to recover the increasing costs of raw materials.  We will be setting our shipping cost at the minimum USPS Priority Flat-Rate or UPS for large items.  There will still be no hidden "handling" charges or any other charges.  So, if you have been waiting to pick up some hand-made control arms, etc, you will still be able to save a few bucks if you order in the next day or so.  

This will not affect our Ebay Store at IMX_Performance_Fabrication where these charges have already been included in the cost of the parts.

Stop by our website and see what new products we are offering!!

Thank you for your business.  Feel free to give us a call at 704 796-3502 at any time concerning your Jeep suspension parts needs.


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