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Subject: PRIVATE SALE 15% OFF!!! FEB 19th ONLY
Date: February 18th 2013

Dear IRONMAN4X4 friends,

Ok, I am a little dumb sometimes.  We ran a PRESIDENT's DAY sale today (February 18th) and I forgot to invite our mailing list subscribers.  Hey, they say your memory is the second thing to go.  Strange, I cannot remember what the first thing is.

As an apology, I am running this 24-Hour PRIVATE sale for you and you alone.  Up to 12:00 Midnight Eastern Time on Tuesday, February 19th, you can receive 15% REBATE on any IRONMAN4X4 Product. 

Here's how: 

(1) Go to

(2) Make your purchase(s) using the prices that are posted.  The rebate only applies to parts that fabricates.  This includes our control arms, engine and transmission mounts, shackles, track bars, tie rods, and long arm kits.

(3) When you make your purchase put the words "REBATE CODE WORD: LINCOLN" in the comment area.

You will receive your rebate via PayPal within 24 hours of your purchase.

Thank you for your interest in IRONMAN4X4FAB.COM and forgive an old man for his senility.  :)


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