New, Additional, Sales Venue for IRONMAN4X4FAB Products

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Subject: New, Additional, Sales Venue for IRONMAN4X4FAB Products
Date: May 21st 2013

Hey Jeepers and Creepers (Crawlers?)...

Due to the increasingly excessive cost of doing business over Ebay, we are opening a new, additional, venue for auction-style sales of our products:  WWW.WEBSTORE.COM.  Go to the STORES tab and enter IRONMAN4X4.  Prices will be about 10% - 15% lower than Ebay prices.  Currently we only list our motor and transmission mounts on WEBSTORE.COM, but more items will be available soon as I have time to list them.  Of course, you will always be able to use our primary website:  WWW.IRONMAN4X4FAB.COM.  The very best prices and most complete inventory will always be posted on our primary website.

Thanks for being part of the IRONMAN4X4FAB Family.




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