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The Samson Narratives
Dr. John Roskoski




18(50) I'll Be As Weak As Any Other Man: The Theological Significance of Judges 16:7,11,13, & 17.


18(14) The Length of Samson's Judgeship:  Comparing Judges 15:20 and 16:31.   


17(46) Samson and the Danite Migration:  Reconciling Judges 13:25 and 18:12.


17(17) Isaac and Sampson: Sons of the Promise.  


16(07) Samson and the Gazite Harlot: The Significance of Judges 16:1-3.  


16(06) The Importance of Judges 15:3-5 in the Sampson Narratives.  


15(18) The Lions of Judah 


15(08) The Theological Significance of Judges 13:1 
06/16/13 14(24) The Davidic Theology of Samson's Charisma.
06/13/10 11(15) Samson's Death Account and the Ancient Theology of Territorial Dominion

John graduated from Seton Hall University with a B.A. in Religious Studies (1981).  He received an M.A. from New Brunswick Theological Seminary in Theology (1986), an M.A. from Seton Hall University in Jewish-Christian Studies (1990), an MPHIL from Fordham University in Biblical Studies (2004), and a PhD from Omega Bible Institute in Biblical Studies (2006). John has embraced the Evangelical tradition regarding biblical interpretation because he is a staunch advocate of biblical Inerrancy. His major area of concentration has been the Old Testament, with a particular focus on the Samson Narratives. John serves as a Professor of Theology, Exposition and Exegesis, Omega Bible Institute, St. Peter's College, Jersey City, New Jersey.