Living a Life of Faith

An Exegetical and Theological Exposition

by John W. (Jack) Carter

1:1-17 Called by God's Grace
1:18-32 Hope for an Apostate World
2:1-16 Salvation by Faith Alone
3:1-12 Righteousness in God Alone
3:21-31 Justification by Grace Alone
3:27-4:25 A Gospel for All People
5:1-11 Peace and Hope from God, Alone
5:12-21 Death in Adam, Life in Christ
6:1-14 Straddling the Fence
6:15-23 Sin, and the Christian Life
7:1-25 "What I Hate, That I Do!"
8:1-11 Living int the Spirit
8:15-27 Adopted by God, Himself
8:28-37 Never Alone Again
9:1-29 God's Plan of Mercy
10:1-21 Religion:  The World's Stumbling-Block
11:1-41 The Remnant:  The Faithful that Remain
12:1-8 Life as Worship
12:9-12 Love Without Dissimulation
12:13-21 Overcome Evil with Love
13:1-10 Christian Citizenship
14:1-12 Love Without Condemnation
14:13-21 Embracing Our Differences
15:1-13 One Body, One Purpose, One LORD
15:14-33 Proclaiming with Boldness
16:1-26 Common People, Uncommon Faith