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Oct 4, 2015


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Volume 16 Number 40


Weekly Bible Commentary

Studies.gif (2544 bytes)Written each week by our publisher and editor, Dr. John W. (Jack) Carter, these are original expository commentaries that may be used for individual study or small-group discussion.  You may receive these commentaries in your Email free by clicking on the "Subscribe" button.  Visit the Archives.

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Genesis 8:13-9:17.
  A Blessed Beginning

Theological Research

Peer-reviewed research articles that explore many of the doctrines and issues concerning Biblical theology.  You may contact the author by clicking on the author's name.  Visit the Archives.


16(40) The Challenges of Christians' Participation in Politics.  Adetoyese, J.


16(39) Dembski's Theodicy in Dialogue with Domning and Helwig's Original Selfishness...: A Critial Review.  S. Ventureyra


16(38) The Second Coming of Christ, an Alternative View.  K.Kon


16(36) Warranted Skepticism? Putting the Center for Inquiry's Rationale to the Test.  S. Ventureyra


16(34) The Priesthood of the Believer in Baptist Ecclesiology.  J. McLendon

Book of the Month

Jews and Anti-Judaism in Esther and the Church by Tricia Miller. ISBN: 9780227174470
A careful study of te book of Esther and its anti-Jewish interpretations in the Church.  By placing the book of Esthere in the context of politics and hermeneutics that are filled with Jewish resistance to attempted genocide, Tricia Miller address the history of Christian anti-Judaism, the errors of replacement theology and anti-Zionism as the new anti-Judaism.  It addresses the encouraging pattern of cooperation and support between Christians and Jews that developed over recent times.


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