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Nov 17, 2017

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Volume 18


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 Weekly Bible Commentary

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 Leviticus 16:1-22
 The Final Sacrifice

 Theological Research

Peer-reviewed research articles that explore many of the doctrines and issues concerning Biblical theology.  New papers published weekly.  You may contact the author by clicking on the author's name.  Visit the Archives.


18(46) Toward Enhancing an Acceptable Worship   J. Adetoyese.


18(45) Hebrews 2:5-9: An Exegetical Paper   R. Evans


18(44) Taking a Stand:  A Biblical Approach to Halloween   J. Carter


18(43) Developing Young Leaders in a Dysfunctional World: An Exegetical, Leadership of First Timothy   D. Green, J. Cragin


18(42) ‘Does Paul Really Understand?’  A Reconstruction of the Life and Issues of Paul’s Corinthian Community with an Assessment of his Responsive Effectiveness.   R. Porter


18(40) Church in Health Service.   J. Adetoyese.


18(39) The Use of Jewelry: Biblical and Ellen White's Views.   O. Oladosu

 Book of the Month, November 2017

Eric Metaxas.  Bonhoeffer, Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy,   Thomas Nelson  624 Pages.  ISBN: 9781595552464

As Adolf Hitler and the Nazis seduced a nation, bullied a continent, and attempted to exterminate the Jews of Europe, a small number of dissidents and saboteurs worked to dismantle the Third Reich from the inside. One of these was Dietrich Bonhoeffer—a pastor and author. In this New York Times best-selling biography, Eric Metaxas takes both strands of Bonhoeffer’s life—the theologian and the spy—and draws them together to tell a searing story of incredible moral courage in the face of monstrous evil. Metaxas presents the fullest accounting of Bonhoeffer’s heart-wrenching decision to leave the safe haven of America to return to Hitler’s Germany, and sheds new light on Bonhoeffer’s involvement in the famous Valkyrie plot and in “Operation 7,” the effort to smuggle Jews into neutral Switzerland. In a deeply moving narrative, Metaxas uses previously unavailable documents including personal letters, detailed journal entries, and firsthand personal accounts to reveal dimensions of Bonhoeffer's life and theology never before seen.   $19.99 from


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