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Aug 13, 2017


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A refereed, weekly, open-access journal, now in its eighteenth year.

Volume 18
Number 33



 Weekly Bible Commentary

Studies.gif (2544 bytes)Written each week by our publisher and editor, Dr. John W. (Jack) Carter, these are original expository commentaries that may be used for individual study or small-group discussion.  You may receive these commentaries in your Email free by clicking on the "Subscribe" button.  Visit the Archives.

  Click on the Bible icon or the link below for a printer-friendly version of this week's commentary:  
 Psalm 32:1-7
Amazing Grace

 Romans 12:9-12
 Love Without Dissimulation

 Psalm 95:1-6
 The Heart of Worship


 Theological Research

Peer-reviewed research articles that explore many of the doctrines and issues concerning Biblical theology.  New papers published weekly.  You may contact the author by clicking on the author's name.  Visit the Archives.


18(32) Is There Reward and Retribution for People? The Evolution of Biblical Thought.   I. Lipovsky


18(30) Contemporary Christian Music and the Church   O. Oladosu


18(28) An Examination of Church Proliferation in Nigeria   J. Adetoyese.


18(26) The Use of Anointing Oil in Mark 6:13 in African Context.   O Olagungu.

 Book of the Month, August 2017

Barry Harvey.  Taking Hold of the Real Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Profound Worldliness of Christianity  James Clark & Co.  301 Pages.  ISBN: 9780227175972

Dietrich Bonhoeffer writes in one of his last prison letters that he had “come to know and understand more and more the profound this-worldliness of Christianity”. In Taking Hold of the Real, Barry Harvey engages in constructive conversation with Bonhoeffer, contending that the “shallow and banal thisworldliness” of modern society is ordered to a significant degree around the social structures of religion, culture, and race. These mechanisms displace human beings from their traditional connections with particular locales, and relocate them in their “proper places” as determined by the nation-state and capitalist markets. An insightful exploration of the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and its ongoing relevance for an authentically Christian engagement with the world.   $43.00 from


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